Monday, November 17, 2008

Big air...

was the phrase of the day at theWashington State 'Cross Championships. The Big Air Corral was clearly the best place to spectate, cheer, and heckle... so that's where Lisa and I planted ourselves. On approach, the Corral "gently encouraged" each racer to pop off the little kicker at the bottom of a tricky off-camber downhill. Just try... that's all we were asking. If you tried, you at least passed with muffled applause. And if you showed some style, even just a little, you rode off to the roar(?) that only comes from 15 dedicated, beer-swilling 'cross fans. But if you showed no cajones, my friend, you felt the wrath.

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Things learned and/or confirmed on this day: 1) Never open a honey bucket which has been locked and subsequently broken into. There was a reason that thing was quarantined. 2) Dogs and cyclocross go together. Bring your dogs to the races. 3) Kids like bikes. Bring your kids to the races. 4) A bike glove makes a decent beer cozy. 5) Chuck Norris fears Dan Norton. 6) I have fun hanging out with my wife. She may not prefer honey buckets, but she sure as hell knows how to shake a cowbell.

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Eileen said...

Hate the honey buckets too! However, the rest sounds fun.