Monday, November 10, 2008


From the newswire: Nerdy social misfits are dressing in tights and gathering in wooded parks for mock-battles of questionable "real world" consequence. Some wear the same crest and form "teams". Shockingly it seems that, regardless of the mockery, humiliation, or outcome... they will be back next week to do it again.

So, I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself because I've missed two weekends of bike racing in a row. But a funny thing happened to me about 3:30am (why does self-realization always strike when we really ought to be sleeping?).

Most of our parents probably told us the first time we took the field or hit the court in school athletics, "It's just a game. The important thing is to have fun." Well, at 3:30am, it hit me. Whoa. Cyclocross is just a game, too. The nerds will still be in the park next week.

Inner peace. Sleep.

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