Monday, December 8, 2008

Banned cans...

You didn't think I was serious about this Unfat Me thing, did you? Well it's about to get real up in this piece, motherfathers. The end: Lose ten pounds and be in the best shape of my life by September 8, 2009*. The means: A three-phase attack on my gooey midsection...

PHASE 1, December 8 - March 8:
Banned Cans

Some of my favorite things come in a can. In fact, as vessel of instant good cheer, the ol' pop-top has no peer. Problem is, when a guy cracks six or seven of these vessels a day, his body can't process all that happiness and it... ummm, gathers.

Phase 1 will be far and away the toughest. It's a strain even to type the words, but here goes... No. Beers. No. Energy drinks. No. Soda during the four-day work week. Friday through Sunday, all bets are off (hey, I never said this was church camp). Oh sure, I'll be excercising, too. But let's stay focused on the hard part.

I'll call Phase 1 a success if, by March 8, I've banished weekday cans 90% of the time. If I haven't, somebody better buy me a case of Schmidt for to drown my sorrows.

Wish me luck... it ain't gonna be easy!
Weight: 157 | Banned Can Success Rate: 100%

*The timing is not accidental. I'm aiming for a top-20 finish in Cat-4 cyclocross next season.

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Scott -TheBrewClub said...

Good luck, man. What if some of this same liquid evil comes your way via glass (or plastic) bottle?