Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you up to the challenge?

Alright, kids. I gave you fair warning a month ago! Now, will you sponsor my ride in the 2009 Livestrong Challenge, and help the Lance Armstrong Foundation continue its important work?

My Personal Challenge Page

For people living in cancer's shadow - like my mom, my dad, and surely someone you know - "Livestrong" is more than a catch-phrase... it's the only option. Live with strength and purpose. Fight, but don't think you have to do it alone. This is a time when we can never have too many friends. Thankfully, the Lance Armstrong Foundation is in our corner, funding research and reaching into our local communities... helping us win.

Dini Scharf has already stepped-up with a pledge of $10. Thanks, Dini... only $240 to go! And thank you for your sponsorship. I can't wait to do the ride with my dad in June.

My Personal Challenge Page | I ride with Team Fat Cyclist

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Brianna said...

I'm in. Just made my donation on the website. What a great way to do something positive and to help. Good luck reaching your donation amount and on the ride!