Sunday, January 18, 2009

Because sometimes...

teh funneh is the best medicine, I offer a post that has nothing to do with gear, beer, bikes, or cancer. It's merely a couple spots I check when The Man is gettin' me down. If you don't enjoy these, you probably are The Man.

I Crush Your Head flickr pool
Mr. Tyzik from Kids in the Hall said, "Not everyone deserves to have their head crushed, just 99.99% of them." At the next meeting where The Man tells you about a pay freeze or "operational restructuring", try giving his head a small crush. Therapeutic!

Sexy People Blog
We've all had our share of regrettable school and family photos. Sears just seemed to have a knack for bringing out the worst in people. Awkward poses, unusual fashion choices, apparent inbreeding, and bad dental work are all on view here. Make yourself feel better by scoffing at others. Harmless!

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You Suck at Photoshop tutorials
Get some software skills and let the always-depressing host berate you for using the perspective tool. "My name is Donnie and you suck at Photoshop. You do. You're awful. That's why you're here. Alright let's get started." Self-deprecating!

1000 Tiny Things I Hate blog
Because Jon Brown is British, you may occasionally have to put up with words like "cakehole" and "blimey". That aside, his rants on everything from Bereavement Tattoos (#87) to People Who Never Take the Protective Plastic Off Things (#10) are hilarious. Blimey!

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