Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stomping the Trail - Squak Mountain 10k

I'm not sure I've ever placed top-5 in anything.

Ok, so I did win the Academic Olympics in 5th grade with a *cough, cough, buff fingernails on sweater vest* ingenious Rube Goldberg device that used a rubber band and a golf ball to snuff out a candle and tip over a glass of water. But a top-5 in sports? No, sir. I routinely finished 6th out of 8 in high school track events (and do hereby extend a heartfelt thank you to Todd and Tom, the only two kids less interested in running than myself).

Anyway... last week I ran my first trail race, a very difficult 10k at Squak Mountain. The run pitched up hard right from the start and continued thusly, without relief, for 3 miles. The course then turned abrubtly down for a knee-punishing 3 mile descent. Some uphill sections were impossibly steep and slippery with fresh mud, un-runnable. Some downhill sections were balls-to-the-wall, out of control fast.

It was great fun... the first time I've ever driven my heels into the dirt with complete abandon, focused only on keeping step with the guy in front of me (he's pushed ahead a few yards... kick harder!). I ended up 4th male, out of 25 or so. The winner set a new course record. I was a mere buck-thirty behind, and had run with the leaders most of the race.

Last Saturday was a revelation... I heart the trail run.


Lisa said...

Total stud. 'Nuff said.

#@%&*#!** said...

Actually you were in the top 5 or better SO many times couldn't count them all.