Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going dark...

Several years ago, I'd had it with our television. It had become a black hole in the corner of our living room. A time-sucking vacuum into which entire evenings disappeared.

We were having company stay with us over the holidays that year, and after we got through those couple weeks, I was going to cancel the cable. Take it old-school. Rabbit-ear antenna, kid.

Then the unimaginable happened. My father-in-law bought us a new tv for Christmas. Big, shiny, beautiful 50-inch plasma. A beacon of high definition hope. We did not cancel cable. No... in fact, we upgraded to 300 channels of satellite. And while it's been a good run, I think it's time to go old-school.

We'll miss the high-def sports, cycling, and our Food Network. But maybe going dark will give us more time to actually bike, play, and cook together. Besides, when they start producing spin-offs to shows like "Rock of Love", it's time to re-evaluate one's media consumption.

You gotta grab your minutes where you can, and here's where we're starting. Wish us luck! *click*


Derek said...

I've been enjoying a year and a half of 42" plasma rabbit ear bliss. You wont miss the cable. You'll enjoy the time you are gaining.

Roy Scribner said...

I think I'm getting there. We've cut our satellite package back to the bear bones and HGTV is about the only thing we might miss.

Erika said...

ha! I love it-the Brett Michaels pic in paticular. Our alternative to cable is the Roku box in combination with a netflix subscription. Our queue is filled with quality documentaries, movies, and shows we actually want to watch. It streams instantly to your TV in HD. Check it out. Watch what you want when you want.

Eileen said...

Would love to cut back on the cable at our house too. Your dad would hate going dark...However, he does have more time than most of during the day to do the fun stuff as well as watch TV.

Mike said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. You're my virtual support group.

We're already Netflix subscribers, so the roku box is high on my list. Was thinking about setting up a PC to run as a media center, too... wonder if I can stream Hulu to the tv?

Don't mind the occasional tv show. The point is to save a little dough, and stop the mindless channel surfing.

Anyway... I'm pullin' the plug on Friday. Adios vast wasteland!

UpaDowna Yeti said...

Whoo hooo!! Well I have to say I have been TV-less for over 10 years! Yep no TV no cable bill no nothing.

However the computer is basically the same thing I guess. Except for the fortunate fact that someone around here has unsecured wireless so that's free too!! If we had to pay for internet we probably would but we wouldn't be happy about it. I guess I am just a cheap bastard huh?

I do have a buddy that has his computer set up through his flat screen and loves it. He only has HULU, Netflix and I guess what ever other shows he can find streamed on the web. And I know really digs the accessibility and price!