Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking good for Missoula...

Regular readers might recall that I planned to do my first marathon at the end of June, Seattle's Rock-n-Roll shindig. Missing my chance to enter that race, I think, is going to end up being a blessing-in-disguise. Now, I can cap my family's annual Montana summer vacation with the Missoula Marathon.

Missoula's long been my favorite Montana city. Always said if I couldn't have lived in Seattle, that's where I would've gone after leaving my hometown of Helena. The marathon is only in its third year... my cousin Kiefer actually won the damn thing in its inaugural running.

I'll be nowhere near his winning time of 2:43, but I am feeling strong. On a 22-mile run yesterday, at training pace, I finished right around 3 hours. Gives me hope that a marathon around 3:30 is not out of the question.

In any case, I'm excited to be doing my first "big one" in the motherland with friends and family there to help ease the pain. Here we come, Mizzou!

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the wife!! said...

You can do it! It's been fun watching you get to this 22 mile point - and you've more than proven that you don't need to do the Rock n' Roll marathon to be a Rockstar!