Monday, July 20, 2009

What's next?

I told myself (and a select few in the circle of trust) that if I didn't absolutely hate marathoning after Missoula, there was a small, outside chance that perhaps I maybe might possibly consider entertaining the thought of doing another one.

Ok, Portland Marathon. Here we (probably) come!

My goals will be more concrete this time, and the training more marathon-specific. There are about 10 training weeks left, with a 10-day taper at the end. I hope to knock 17 minutes off my Missoula time, for a 3:15.

I want to try something a little unorthodox for training; alternate speed and distance weeks. It would break down something like this...

On speed weeks, run 5-7 miles 4x per week, including at least one hill workout and one tempo run. Do track or hill work on Saturdays that builds in intensity over the 10 weeks. Weekly mileage: 25-35. On distance weeks, run 6-8 miles 4x per week. Do long runs on Saturdays that build in distance from 15 miles in week 1, to 28 miles in week 10. Weekly mileage: 40-60.

My thinking is that mixing up the workouts will shock my body into quicker improvement. I'm leaving two days of rest per week mostly because I like to do things other than run. Like sit on the beach with a cold one.

Anyone have experience with a plan like this? Or, what kind of plan have you used to improve speed after a first marathon?

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