Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doing it with strangers...

If you're a regular reader (hi, Mom), you know that three of the most pervasive themes around here are running, beer, and Tacoma. I've been thinking lately about ways to combine this most righteous trinity, and recently floated the idea of a laid-back running club to my Twitter and Facebook homies. Seems there's actually some interest, so...

Join us for the inaugural run this Thursday (January 28), 5:30pm, at the Parkway Tavern! We'll do 3 miles at a "social pace" and end back at the P'way for a pint or two. If it works, we'll do it again next Thursday from a different watering hole.

I'm resisting the urge to register a domain, get shirts printed, and start looking for investors... but I am very excited about the possibilities for this club. Come on out and be a part of it!

If you have any questions, just drop 'em in the comments. Please also comment if you've got ideas about what makes a good running club, as I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

Join the new Facebook group for news and info on future runs.


Yeti said...

Great Idea!! I have run with 4 running clubs with drinking problems, and each of them was awesome.

I would definitely try to get a pub to "sponsor" with drink specials.

Insurance is a must especially if you have a "variety" of people, remember American's are by nature sue happy.

Most have a few sponsors , usually a local brewery that will also throw down loot for shirts (so long as their ad is on the back).

Just make sure the pub carries the local brew!

You know you could get one of those mobile blood banks to help out, I hear in Tacoma they give out a pint of beer for a pint of blood!

Yeti said...

I am a dummy, forgo insurance and simply have them sign a liability waver!

Mike said...

Love the idea of sponsorships. Seems to especially make sense for races and other events... which I can envision down the road.

Do you think the waiver is necessary for loosely organized group runs, though? No fees are being collected and no one person is a promoter.

Yeti said...

I asked one of our local organizers and she said better safe than sorry. She just wrote up a little blurb basically saying "I am running at my own risk, traffic is dangerous and if I get injured it is all my own damn fault and I will not hold anyone liable for any of my actions" then the runner signs it and dates it.

I think it is always better to be covered. Like I said people are sue happy regardless of friendship and intent.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun...too bad I'm not a runner :) I could walk there but you guys would be done with your beer by

Mike said...

I dunno, Anonymous... this might be the perfect run for a "non-runner"! It's really more about jogging a couple miles so you don't feel guilty about the beer. C'mon down!