Thursday, January 7, 2010

An open letter to my mistress...

It's been almost a year now that we've been doing this. You'll recall it started as a low-key affair — half-hour romps at lunchtime and then we'd go our separate ways. No commitment, no expectations. "Let's not get too serious," you said. And I agreed, mostly.

But there was a part of me that knew... soon there'd be no looking back.

Co-workers started noticing that I was stepping out every day and coming back exhausted, with a curious smile on my face. I began to let some of them in on the secret — about the simple joy you and I had found together. And now I know a couple of them have found their own mistresses. And they come back from lunch with the same smile.

None of this was real, though, until I told my wife. I said it out loud one night, without even thinking. The words instantly echoed in my own head and it became cemented forever.

"I'm a runner."


Eileen said...

I can relate to how your wife must feel! Been there....:).

Mike said...

I'll never forget the day he finally 'fessed up. "But son, running is my life."