Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new project that is about me.

I have decided to write an e-book. Most everyone is doing it these days, and it seems to be a venture that is both profitable and enjoyable. They always say, "write about what you know" and "find a niche" and all that, so this book will be about me and the intervals I ran at lunch today.

There is a growing trend, in which I have dabbled, to share the minutiae of one's training via social networks. Today, when I "tweeted" my "peeps" about the pending workout, the response was phenomenal! It was then that I decided to take this shit to the next level. E-book.

Here are some notes I jotted down after the run. Now, this is just rough. Keep in mind that the finished e-book will fill in the gaps, be much more polished, and will be well worth the $5.00 or whatever I decide to charge.
Potential Titles:
- "All About My Intervals Today" (really like this one)
- "Feel Bad About Your Training By Reading About How Awesome Mine Is"

Chapter One: Getting Pumped
- Tweeting my peeps
- Gathering up my shit and getting changed
- Oh snap! I forgot my shoes and have to walk back to my office to get 'em

Chapter Two: The Warm-up
- I like to warm up slow and you should, too
- Maybe a little bit on how running in South Tacoma sucks

Chapter Three: The First Effort
- The starting of the watch
- How I pump my arms and how you should, too

Chapter Four: The First Rest
- This can basically be about how resting is nice
- Maybe a poetic bit about how you notice birds chirping when you rest

I'm not really sure how to make the other four intervals sound different from the first one, because they weren't different at all. But I will work on that for the final version.

Chapter whatever: Bringin' it Home
- How I try to not stink up the whole office after a run
- Eating a sandwich

I dunno. Like I said, it's rough. Let me know in the comments what feedback you have and maybe, like, how much you'd be willing to pay for this crap. Thanks! I love my readers!


Lisa Hahn said...

Try as you might, I'm sure you stink up the office quite nicely. Maybe you should include some first hand commentary from your office mate and those others in close proximity.

Alicia Wilkinson said...

I really, really like the proposed book cover. The outline already inspires me to consider interval training. Especially if I can hear birds sing in between.

BobbyDiesel said...

I didn't cut my run short to come back and see if you told us of your workout, but it was the second thing I did after my run.(made grilled cheese w/bacon bits first)
Your feed is now on my homepage along with @TheMattHart, @iRunFar, @MudandCowbells, and Addicted To Bicycles. You have no idea how huge that is. Like really huge.
Science was a blast, have a bitchin' summer...

Matt in Tacoma said...

I've been hearing the buzz about this all day around the water cooler. I can't wait to get this e-book on all of my mobile e-devices. Is there anyway to get a digitally signed copy?

You inspire me in a way that Oprah doesn't.

Dan said...

Have to give this post some love because it was dangerously awesome.