Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm using my mulligan...

In "social" golf (that's what it's called when you suck), a mulligan is a shot taken to correct a previously errant one. It is generally accepted that each player should be granted at least one mulligan per round.

I'd like to use mine here, please.

Unfat Me 2009 kicked off with high hopes and honest intentions. But I didn't count on the holiday season, with its pervasive and unavoidable "good cheer". I also didn't count on getting snowed-in for a week. Fail. I hit my drive into the woods. Never saw it... only heard the ball ricocheting off into the distance. Uplayable. I need a do-over.

Phase 1 commences (again) tomorrow.
Weight: 158 | Banned Can Success Rate: 100%

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