Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What does it all meme?

I don't do surveys, give information to marketers (unless they pay), or forward those godawful "when is the last time you cried" emails. But I just got tagged by snotty in something called a "meme challenge". So, uhhhh... this is not a survey, it's a challenge. I never back down from one of those!
Unless I might get hurt, lose money, or not come away from it looking totally awesome.

Apparently, all I have to do is tell the truth 10 times. About anything. This will be easy as I'm an honest guy. And it will surely be fascinating for those of you (hi, honey) who just cannot get enough Mike. So here goes...

1) Bacon: Truth be told, I don't really like it that much. I only jumped on the baconwagon because I noticed how hip it was becoming. Just kidding! I put Bacon Salt on my bacon, punk! And now you don't know if you can trust what I say about these other 9 things... I own you!

2) Good vs Great: I'm ok with just being "good". That doesn't mean I'm not capable of, or have dreams of greatness. Only that I'm not willing to focus on just one aspect of life in order to be the best. I may never make a million... but I've managed to (mostly) avoid career burnout, spend real time with my family, and can hang with a laid-back weekend game of just about anything. Balance. Ommmmm.

3) Beer: I don't mind the cheap stuff. I love a good, flavorful brew as much as the next guy. But that shit is expensive! It doesn't have to be a handcrafted micro every day. Give me a tall-boy of PBR and let's play some Big Buck Hunter. Dude! You shot a doe!

4) Blogging: Is a fun way to stay in touch with one's family and friends. Wheeeeee. See how much fun I'm having? Now how can I get paid?

5) Divorce fallout: There's a piece missing from our family. A hollow spot in my heart every single minute of every day. I try to be tough, but I miss my son when he's not around (and sometimes even when he is).

6) Country music: It's not all bad. I've grown to appreciate some of the old-school, outlaw and honky-tonk stuff I remember hearing on jukeboxes as a kid. I was raised in Montana, and (at least through the oversimplified eyes of a teenager) you were either on the country or the city side of the fence. I picked the city and moved to Seattle almost 15 years ago.

7) The city: I'm over it. It's been fun. Now can we get a few acres in the mountains and a couple Merle Haggard albums, please?

8) Ouch: I grew up really close to one of my girl cousins. One day, seemingly everyone but me decided that we were getting too old to be hanging out so much. No more Monopoly marathons.

9) Levity: I will sometimes bust a loud fart to break the tension in a room. No squeakers either. I get up and make a big production out of it.

10) Meme challenges: This will be my last one. Ever. What the hell is a meme, again? I've been working in the Internet industry for 10 years and have never been thusly challenged. Enjoy your victory, teh snotteh.

Oh, and tag, you're it (or not, I don't really care either way). And then I guess you're supposed to tag 7 people. If you want to. Whatever. Le Lovely Life, Always Counting to 3, Subarashi, Chanda, antibike, CampingBlogger, and cousin S, you should start a blog!


Brianna said...

I can testify the truth of your fart productions!
I like reading the truth. Question about the meme, do we just pick our own things to tell the truth about? I might be up for the challenge!

Mike said...

That's my understanding. Either that, or I did it wrong!

lisa said...

What the heck is a meme again? Maybe you'll have to help meme out with it at home. HA *snort*

And I agree that Sarah should start a blog!!

Love you, Mikey.

Lisah said...

I can't believe I put an 'h' on Sara's name! Going too fast for my own good. Stop... and breathe.

Eileen said...

Hmmm, am I up to the challenge? Maybe

Snotty McSnotterson said...

OOOOOOH MY GAAAAWD. #1 killed me. THEN it owned me.

Great list!

localcrew said...

The tractor beam created by your blog's collective invocation of such inexorable forces as bikes, bacon, and outlaw country pulled me in. It is for this reason I humbly offer two local gems from down here in the far-too-sunny Sierra Nevada:


and for a weekly refresh of some of the best folk, blues, acoustic, and outlaw country:

web.mac.com/feralradio (click the podcast button and enjoy)

yours in in bacon,