Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miracle on 130th Street...

The blogosphere is awash with negativity. Snark and whine run amok in this world (and I cannot exclude myself from the pack of complainers).

So here is a quick story of hope, fresh from the "real world".

I strongly dislike grocery shopping (that's what we tell our kids to say instead of "hate"). Our closest store is a depressing microcosm of everything I think is wrong with America.

But this is a positive story :)

So, I'm in the soda aisle, moving quickly, lest I prolong the agony of shopping. I'm entirely conscious of the two pre-teen kids walking my way and joking loudly with one another. As soon as I grab the 12-pack of Duo (budget shoppers will relate), it breaks, sending cans of store-brand beverage scattering all over the floor.

First thought... these kids are either going to mock me openly, or ridicule the whole scene in whisper, just loud enough for me to hear. As I scramble to gather up the cans, and the miscreants get closer, I brace for the inevitable. Here they are. I can hear what they're saying now.

"Do you need any help with that, sir?"

I'm sorry, what?

A combination of surprise and embarrassment made me belch out, "No." And a second later, "no thanks."

I'm still completely stunned. And still smiling. Never mind the fact that I'm apparently now old (and bald) enough to be called "sir". These kids actually offered to help me. It seems that the death of manners has been greatly exaggerated.

I looked everywhere for a mom or dad to congratulate. But the little time-travelers, and any attendant motherfatherfigures, were gone.

Hey, you kids want some bacon?


Brianna said...

That is awesome. Having worked in one of those grocery stores, I've seen both types of kids. It is always so nice to encounter some that actually have manners.
I'm with you on the "sir" thing. I am still surprised when someone calls me "ma'am." The joys of getting old without noticing. Thanks for the positive story!

Yeti said...

hey grandpa forget to take your meds?!?!?


sorry I couldn't resist, just doing my part.

Great story and it is nice that some parents have actually accepted the challenge and raised their kids properly. I still say "sir" and "ma'am" more than often to people's amazement.

Roy Scribner said...

The next generation is full of surprises. I hope they're not too hard on us, in 20 years.